The year is coming to an end and it’s time to reflect on the plans for the next 365 days. In what crypto currency would we advise you to invest your funds in 2018? In fact, there are enough options here.

And the first of these is the crypto currency of the Asian company OmiseGo. OMG

The currency is designed to save users from the difficulties of international payments and the need to carry large amounts of money. The company has been operating since 2013 and operates in Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. The company employs people who worked on the blockbuster. Why invest in it? The fact is that in the first quarter of the new year, the guys will have a public release of their SDK purse.

The second option for investment is Litecoin. LTC

This crypto currency has every reason to reach the prices of bitcoins. First of all, thanks to the hashing algorithm, which simplifies the access to the system for the miners. In this way, it will attract far more people to the ranks of the currency ministers. People who wanted to do mining, but could not do this because of the high entry threshold in the case of bitkoyanami, can quietly get light-browns. Also, the so-called Lightning Network will be launched, which is expected to affect the scale of transactions. Therefore, if you are wondering which Crypto currency to invest in 2018 – Litecoin is a good choice.

Finally, the third currency in our list is Ethereum. ETH

Ethereum will soon have a hybrid system that will combine Bitcoin mining with their work proof system and its own proof system. This will create a powerful system capable of handling huge amounts of transactions per second. Not far off, so if you have not decided on which crypto currency to invest in 2018, you should hurry.

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