Despite the general craziness of the bitcoins, there are a lot of other crypto currencies in the world, many of which are no worse than the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto, and in some cases even surpass him. One such currency is the Etherium or Ether, or Ethereum in English. The ether works in a completely different way, rather than bitkoyn, although in terms of the opportunities provided, they are very similar. The main purpose of the Ether is to create decentralized applications.

The biggest difference between these two currencies is the principle of using blockers. Aether uses a much more complex scripting language. This could not fail to notice the developers and now Ether has attracted multimillion investment from the ICO.

If you still doubt to create a purse of the etherium, then think about this: At Ether the second largest community after Bitcoin. Among other things, there are two more advantages of this crypt over its more eminent competitor. So, in Ether, more benefit is obtained if the blocks of all miners are included in the block. In bitkoyne, if the block of the miner is lost or censored, then each participant working on the block also loses profits.

Also, the crypto currency is already very soon waiting for a massive update with the name Casper. However, in this case, the changes that will follow this update will be more than palpable. Thus, Ether can handle huge amounts of operations every second, and also can affect the protocol of proof of work Ether, due to which those who confirm the blocks, will be able to do it much cheaper. Therefore, if for some reason you have not bothered to create a purse of the etherium, now is the time to do it.