2017 became literally a hype for the world. We must live under a stone so that we do not hear about them right now. Even grandmothers on a bench in your yard, probably, at least the edge of the ear heard about the cracks. So, all this popularity has caused certain tendencies – there were people and companies who began to use this technology not so much because they really need it for their business, but because it’s just fashionable.

However, the chief executive officer of Ripple, who, by the way, calls on all ripple to buy in 2018, has his own view on this situation. A look that not everyone can follow in spirit. So, according to him, many of those who tried to build their business on the basis of blocking technology under the pressure of the ICO boom, could actually use the old good databases and no one would notice the difference. In this sense, the blockade is very similar to technologies like big data and artificial intelligence, which many use simply to please the fashion, and not because they solve the problems that people who use these technologies need to solve.

Such people the director ripple to buy was jokingly called block-tourists. It is worth noting that there is a truth in all this. Of course, Ripple, like the other crypt, uses blocking technology. However, unlike mods, crypts have every reason to do this, as the company is engaged in developing real solutions for the benefit of the banking sector. However, the director does not tire of repeating that some of the solutions that are implemented based on the technology of the blockbuster would work much better on the usual database. Therefore, Ripple uses this technology only in cases where it is impossible to do without it.

However, in fact, now there is a whole list of companies that argue that the use of detachment in their technology is extremely necessary, but in fact they are cunning. However, fortunately, there are exceptions to this rule and there really are companies that use blockade in essence. In addition to ripple, IBM also refers to such companies, since the latter have created a solution through which manufacturers can immediately monitor the contamination of food products.