Not far off in 2018, and with them and new changes. What does this mean for the ICO? Let’s try to understand. What are these companies now? Often it seems to them that if they are in a detachment, then no one else orders them. However, the market is changing and big businessmen with real incomes come to replace enthusiasts. Investors, various venture capital funds and private capital are also preparing for their piece of pie. There is already trading in futures, there are corresponding platforms for ICO and so on.

However, the main obstacle to investment is still the irresponsibility and negligence that occurs in the organization of the ICO. And yes, it’s just about White paper, which promises you anything, but does not back up words with the appropriate levers of pressure. However, despite this, I am sure that ico projects 2018 will reach a new stage of evolution, and we will see real memoranda meeting the requests of regulators.

I believe that the ICO in the form in which we know them now will not survive the next year. In their place will come a more rigorous standard of conduct, in which regulators will limit the crowd-hosting capabilities of the method by prohibiting or restricting the sale of tokens. And also they will begin to demand full information about the owners of purses. However, the fact that buying a token, which is essentially a financial product and promises to pay back investments, will attract the attention of certain instances – there is nothing surprising. An appropriate approach will be required in the form of memorandums on proposals, forecasts, reports on the use of funds and so on.

Now those who are behind the release of the token will no longer be able to advertise or engage in the sale of so-called security tokens, which, as mentioned above, are nothing more than a financial product.